Reducing CO2 emissions through Diet Moderation

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It is hard to refute the obvious fact of climate change. But when each climate disaster event is over, man just goes back to the routines of daily life. 

Society is in a state of "eco-paralysis" - we want to make a difference in climate change, but 

  1. We feel the problem is too large for our efforts to matter

  2. Our lives our too busy to make lifestyle changes

  3. We haven't been directly impacted yet, so the issue feels distant


What if climate change was added to our daily dose of important stats (along with our weather report, bank balance, calories, etc.?) Find this compelling key number or indicator and how it should be delivered to the end user to drive engagement with the issue. 

Insights: Tech + Personalization

  1. Fitness: nearly half of consumers express interest in tracking physical activity, general fitness and calories burned

  2. Connectivity: people like to to compare, compete and share their data with others (ex. completing their Apple watch rings)​

  3. Sense of Control: wearable technology is associated with efficiency and accessibility, increases users’ confidence in completing tasks, and reduces mental effort

Solution: Cal02

  • Calorie counter and tracker

  • Makes eco-data data more digestible

  • Focus on reducing personal carbon footprint and My Climate Impact (MCI)

  • Integrated directly into the Health and Activity app in Apple Watch and iPhone

How It Works

  • On-Boarding: 10 - 15 minute food diet pre-screen​

  • Carbon Footprint Estimate: from the pre-screen it will show the user their food carbon footprint​

  • Goal Setting: users will set daily, weekly and monthly goals through the app​

  • End of the Year Review: like Spotify, show people the impact their diet choices have made and make it shareable

Onboarding Process

Integrated into Apple's health app under nutrition, streamlined data entry and data is organized by day, month and year that's easy to toggle in between

Daily Activity Tracker

Shows important data: current Co2 emissions, where you stand on your goals based on the on boarding and holds you accountable on a daily basis. Also keeps the issue of climate change front of mind

Your Year in Review

Makes data concise/relevant, calculates both overall Co2 impact and amount saved through diet changes. Visually compares user habits from start to end and gives quarterly reports. The goal is to create shareable moments. 



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